QC-Pro Gage Management

Gage Calibration Management

...An organized approach to ensure gage control  integrity

The software offers a complete system for:

  • Scheduling gage calibrations or verifications
  • Maintaining historical records of all activities
  • Measurement System Analysis  (GRR, Stability, Bias, Linearity, Attribute Crosstab)
Some of the key elements are:

  • Record before/after readings across the operating range of the gage
  • Gage calibration schedule can be based on time interval or gage usage
  • Link external documents (e.g. calibration certificate) to a calibration record
  • Calibration procedure - free format steps to calibrate gage
  • Custom fields that are user defined
  • Data Integrity - option to restrict edits to existing calibration records
  • Reschedule gage calibration due dates  that fall on holidays, weekends etc. 
  • Flexible report filtering (overdue, date range, gage id, location etc.)
  • Reports include:
        - Gage calibration due list
        - Gage calibration work order
        - Certificate of gage calibration
        - Gage calibration labels
        - Gage calibration History
        - Measurement System Analysis (GRR and other gage error studies)

The approach taken is consistent with those outlined in well-established quality system requirements including ISO 9001,  ISO/TS 16949 and other quality management systems.

The software offers everything you need now, and grows with your needs.

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