QC-Pro Gage Management

Gage Calibration Management

...An organized approach to ensure gage control  integrity

The software offers a complete system for:

  • Scheduling gage calibrations or verifications
  • Maintaining historical records of all activities
  • Measurement System Analysis  (GRR, Stability, Bias, Linearity, Attribute Crosstab)
Some of the key elements are:

  • Record before/after readings across the operating range of the gage
  • Gage calibration schedule can be based on time interval or gage usage
  • Link external documents (e.g. calibration certificate) to a calibration record
  • Calibration procedure - free format steps to calibrate gage
  • Custom fields that are user defined
  • Data Security - option to restrict edits to existing calibration records
  • Audit Trail - maintains history of calibration record content prior to an edit
  • Reschedule gage calibration due dates  that fall on holidays, weekends etc. 
  • Flexible report filtering (overdue, date range, gage id, location etc.)
  • Reports include:
        - Gage calibration due list
        - Gage calibration work order
        - Certificate of gage calibration
        - Gage calibration labels
        - Gage calibration History
        - Measurement System Analysis (GRR and other gage error studies)

The approach taken is consistent with those outlined in well-established quality system requirements including ISO 9000,  IATF 16949, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other quality management systems.

The software offers everything you need now, and grows with your needs.

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